This user's sister was saved when her 'Hawkeye' mom went deep to the 'tagged' section of Facebook photos and saw a rg on his hand a casual picture Not only was a he married with a newborn son but his wife was also pregnant with his second child. In TLC's new show "Married By Mom and Dad," individuals allow their parents to choose their spouses Though this seems completely crazy to most westerners who for better or worse usually pick their own spouses arranged marriages are quite common in other cultures and areas of the world Why? The general belief is that young adults are too emotionally mature and impulsive to pick a good mate and parents guardians or wise elders are much better at finding a partner with the characteristics of a caring spouse And there are even some surprising statistics that point to the fact that these arranged marriages are actually happy ones too Read on to get five myths and facts about arranged marriages Myth: Arranged marriages only happen in third-world countries User Purwa Rojder's friend Kruti was left much better off when the boy's family rejected her because "Kruti is lefty we don't want a lefty progeny." As if lefties didn't have enough to. Fact: s have a lower divorce rate than love s 2011 the divorce rate was 3.6 divorces per 1,000 people Of course the rate is fallg too but this is still significant Put another way: About 70 percent of s that began the 90s will reach their 15th weddg anniversary accordg the New York Times which means the divorce rate is really closer to 30 percent And though it's difficult to really track rates one study found that the average rate of divorce s is 6.3 percent worldwide. This poor guy's prospective MIL only had three simple conditions before he was allowed to meet her daughter: 1) He should not talk to or visit his parents for the next five years 2) his dian parents mustn't ever visit him the U.K (where he lives) and 3) he should register his new house not his not his future wife's but his mother--law's name. Yes there are some horrible issues associated with s like child brides and women who are forced to marry as a source of money for their family but s exist everywhere are often pretty run-of-the-mill Often the reasons for s are cultural and/or religious and s are quite common between the Amish Muslims Hdus and even certa royal families There have been essays after essays of modern men and women defendg their choice to have an Fact: Datg "resumes" are totally. But a lower divorce rate doesn't necessarily mean the is happy Many of the cultures that believe also have a stigma agast divorce However a 2012 study looked at both and loved-based dian-American s and found that there was no difference the love satisfaction and commitment levels of both types of s Fact: The process is gettg more modern While meetg a suitor Gita was asked to sg by the boy’s parents (which is accordg to Bollywood not totally unheard of) After she fished her song she turned to the boy and asked him to sg for her because equality She was rejected for beg too "smart" to fit to his family. Buzzfeed HomeSitemap© 2018 BuzzFeed c. One user's cous met her long distance prospect on Skype while wearg glasses He quickly formed his parents who demanded a Skype meetg with her and rejected her for not havg 20/20 vision This is real. After askg her to remove her shoes to check her real height the boy's family asked Rohi to write a page long essay on her job They wanted to check if she had good handwritg Plus they wanted her to fill out the page to check its consistency Why? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Ruhi has had so many hilarious experiences tryg to look for a husband that she's even started a blog One time after askg her the usual questions the boy's mother proclaimed that she liked Ruhi for her wide hips that were ideal for child-bearg Who doesn't love a. Love may be the only thg you thk about when choosg a mate but for those volved s many factors come to play Everythg from an dividual's horoscopes to his socioeconomic class to religion are considered often before physical attractiveness Most potential suitors create a resume -- a summary of employment caste and academic and birth details -- that is distributed to partner-seekg families Myth: All s are the same Dependg on the culture and area parents choose the spouse and the dividual has no say his or her match However plenty of others like Orthodox Jews have parents select a mate but the dividual is consulted and has the right of refusal And some cultures consangueous or a between two dividuals who share a relative is. One user and his sister were slightly confused when an extra woman and child showed up at the meetg but put her down as an aunt They realised later that she was the prospective groom's mother's sister who his father had a child with. After askg about her views on freedom fighter Bhagat Sgh whether Aamir Khan was right Rang De Basanti what percentage of males exist her office and to calculate the result of four divided by two the boy's father asked Parul to make a papad as the ultimate test. Tder > This smooth guy was meetg his prospective bride who was distctly nervous and tremblg a sari She lived every desi girl's nightmare when her sari started comg undone the middle of a crowded market front of her future partner He saved the day by cheekily askg her if he should fix it and makg her laugh They were married. "one of them asked to me to read a few les from the book they had gotten along with them Logic: To check whether I stammer check my voice and see if I am educated enough or am I lyg about my credentials! Sigh!" - One of ten hilarious stories by. The boy's family told this user that she would have to stay her room while menstruatg be home before the eveng lamp is lit to perform pujas and even stay home stead of workg She was even subjected to hilarious trivia quizzes before beg asked to "gift" a car and jewellery because apparently only houses and money are counted.

"our Family astrologer has seen your horoscope & told us that you have had girlfriends the past so he thks you are not a good match for our girl." was an excuse user Harsh heard durg his adventures.

This girl almost had the wd knocked out of her when she first met a prospective groom Not the way you thk though "When I was about to touch the prospect mother--law's feet all I remember was that I banged myself on the floor! I lost my balance because she pulled my long hair to check if it was real! I can't expla even today how horrified.

Whereas s before were set up through family connections and word of mouth now like American millennials young dian men and women are fdg mates on the more than 1,500 matchmakg sites Even though parents are often volved narrowg the pool of prospective partners weedg out men and women who aren't the proper caste or who have different religious beliefs most young men and women get veto power Though datg the sense that we know it is still rare this change is significant for many cultures who believe see modern American couples let their parents play matchmaker watch "Married by Mom and Dad" Sundays at 10/9c and follow along with our digital exclusive series (episode one.